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     (2013 Tour Brochure)



On Bora's tours, travelers will interact with local Turkish people, visiting schools and villages. They will have superb photo opportunities, enjoy gourmet meals and listen to Bora's enchanting music.




            2015 will be my last year of leading group tours.  It has been a wonderful 37 years, guiding tours for over 10,000 travelers since 1979 and sharing incredible experiences all over the world with them.         
         Now it is time for me to explore other projects.  Among other things, I plan to spend more time at my incredible, award winning Cappadocia Cave Suites hotel, which serves travelers from over 110 countries, and, of course, lead the occasional private Turkey tour.
         As for Cultural Folk Tours Inc's future, we will continue to offer quality tours led by the best guides in Turkey.    
         It has truly been a blessed 37 years.  Thank you.

-Bora Özkök Director/Owner of Cultural Folk Tours

2015 MARCH TOUR SALES (includes air)


Bora's Final Affordable Turkey Tour 2015
CFT March Discount Turkey Tour 2015



CFT Asian Summer Festivals Tour (Japan & Mongolia) 2015
21 days - 19 nights

Naadam (Mongolia) & three Bon Festivals (Japan)

-Includes 3 meals a day

CFT March Discount Turkey Tour 2015
11 days - 9 nights

 Limited Time Offer (valid from November 28 to December 30, 2014)

This tour will be led by one of our excellent, English fluent guides

(Bora will not lead this tour)


CFT Chinese Silk Road & Tibet Tour 2015
21 Days - 19 Nights

Beijing, Tibet, Xian, Lanzhou, Dunhuang, Turpan & Kashgar

- Includes 3 meals a day

Bora's Grand Turkey Tour 2015
27 Nights - 29 Day

Istanbul - Safranbolu - Amasya - Trabzon - Erzurum - Kars - Van - Mardin - Urfa - Mt. Nemrut - Gaziantep - Cappadocia - Mersin - Antalya - Pamukkale - Kusadasi - Canakkale

Bora's Final Affordable Turkey Tour 2015
13 days - 11 nights

Includes visits to Ephesus, Troy, Cappadocia, Istanbul, Catalhöyuk (World's oldest settlement) and Asklepion (World's oldest hospital)

Bora's Eastern & Unknown Turkey Tour 2015
22 days - 20 nights

Istanbul, Central Turkey, the Black Sea, Northeastern, Eastern & Southeastern Turkey & the Mediterranean

 (The first part of Bora's Grand Tour - Eastern Section)

Bora's Best of Turkey - Western Portion 2015
17 days - 15 nights

Northwestern, Central, the Mediterranean, Turquoise Coast, Western Turkey, The Aegean Sea & Istanbul

This tour begins in Ankara.

(The second part of Bora's Grand Tour - Western Section)

Bora's Silk Road Tour 2015
30 days - 28 nights

Northern & Southern Cyprus, Kazakhstan, Xinjiang (China), Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Istanbul (Turkey)

Includes 14 flights

Bora's Oldest Cities in the World Tour 2015
17 days - 15 nights

Includes visits to Göbekli Tepe (World's oldest temple), Ephesus, Troy, Harran, Cappadocia, Mt. Nemrut, Istanbul, Catalhöyuk (World's oldest settlement) and Asklepion (World's oldest hospital)

CFT Grand Caucasus Tour 2015
24 days - 22 nights

Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia & Turkey

- Includes 2 meals a day

CFT Fertile Crescent & Cyprus Tour 2015
24 days - 22 nights

Israel, Jordan and Turkey

CFT History & Discovery 2015
17 days - 15 nights

Northwestern, Central, The Mediterranean, Turquoise Coast, Western Turkey and Istanbul

Tour begins in Ankara

CFT History & Heritage (Mini) 2015
14 days - 12 nights

The Aegean Sea, Central regions, Northwestern regions and Istanbul

Touch of Turkey Tour 2015
10 days - 8 nights

Istanbul, Cappadocia & Ephesus - Private Tours

- Includes three domestic flights

Private Tour - Touch of Turkey (Istanbul & Cappadocia) 2015
6 Days - 5 nights

Private Tour of Istanbul and Cappadocia

2 PERSON MINIMUM - $1,790 per person

4 PERSON MINIMUM - $1,690 per person


Bora playing flute in Cappadocia



Bora's Profile

Bora Özkök, owner of Cultural Folk Tours, is a Berkeley educated architect and world-renowned teacher of Turkish culture, music, folk dance and folklore. He has authored several books, produced his own folk music albums, playing a variety of instruments, produced several videos on Turkey and is the only director of a major tour operating company who also leads several of his company's tours. He has appeared numerous times on Turkish national television and has given workshops and lectures on four continents and all over the United States. In addition, he is the builder, architect and owner of the Cappadocia Cave Suites hotel where all of our tours spend three nights.